Linguistic services

As each project is unique, I will assist you step by step from defining your needs to proposing a tailor-made service, without any agency fees!

Work languages
and language pairs

For quality purposes, I translate exclusively from German and Italian into my mother tongue. In view of my personal history, I translate both from English into French and from French into English but I will always advise to have a native English speaker proofread my work (if so, I will make an offer that includes proofreading by a native reviewer).


English > French
French > English

UK, US and International English


German > French

German from Germany


Italian > French

Italian from Italy

My linguistic services in detail

Based on your individual needs, I provide various services for all your written content (books, leaflets, advertising content, research articles, theses, e-mails, blog posts…) and audiovisual content (audio tracks, films, series, short films, ads, corporate videos, etc.). For more information, feel free to contact me directly and I will be happy to assist as best I can.


I translate all kinds of technical, editorial, and commercial texts, adapting them to the French audience. I make sure the translation sounds idiomatic and includes consistent terminology throughout. Where appropriate, your linguistic and stylistic preferences will be integrated. Where needed, I can offer additional revision of my work and/or a final eye for premium quality.


Have you had a document translated and would like to check that your message has been faithfully rendered? Have it revised for optimised quality! Revision consists in comparing the translation with the original document to make sure the meaning is accurately conveyed, and that the content is linguistically correct. Opt for a final eye to add the finishing touch!

Final eye
& Proofreading

Do you need proofreading of a French translation or any other document written in French? Let me do it for you! I’ll focus on meaning, spelling, grammar, syntax and style. Based on your needs and expectations, I will also make sure that the final version sounds idiomatic and that it resonates with your French audience.

& Subtitling

For your audiovisual projects,
I transcribe all French, English, German and Italian soundtracks. I create subtitles that are adapted to all kinds of videos (films, series, corporate videos): I transcribe the audio content into text, translate, adjust, and integrate the subtitles. I also lend my voice for French voice-overs.


Translation adapts text-based content to another language. Localisation adds a cultural dimension. Transcreation transposes the intention and emotional impact of the content. This is a more creative type of translation, particularly suited to advertising (such as taglines) and artistic content.

Want to know more
about my linguistic services?

My work areas

The environment,
renewable energies

Food/Feed industry (certification, audits, standards)

New technologies
(connected devices)

Health and safety at work, human ressources

Education, training
& e-learning, certification

Academic & research work, publishing

Women’s health,
well-being, personal development

and solidarity economy, humanitarian projects

Audiovisual translation (corporate & entertainment content)

Work tools

I mostly work with the SDL Trados Studio 2019 CAT-tool, but I am also proficient with memoQ, Memsource, Polyglot, Idiom and XLIFF Editor.

Regarding subtitling, I use Subtitle Edit and Caption Hub.

My references
Client feedback

Translation, Revision/Proofreading, Subtitling, Projet Management

Philippe Bérizzi (Director), LinguaForce

Par sa rigueur et ses qualités professionnelles et humaines, Mademoiselle Blandine Fourchet a parfaitement rempli sa mission (traductions et révisions, transcriptions, sous-titrage, gestion de projets), et a su trouver sa place au sein de l’équipe. Je précise [qu’elle] a, du fait de son expérience passée dans l’enseignement, une maîtrise de l’anglais supérieure au niveau général du Master, qu’elle parle allemand et a quelques bonnes notions dans d’autres langues, ce qui représente un atout certain dans la profession. (2019)

Project management, review and proofreading

Christine Gutman, Translator

J’ai eu l’immense plaisir de collaborer avec Blandine au cours de son stage chez XXX, où elle gérait les projets de traduction d’un client régulier pour qui j’étais traductrice. Dès le départ, j’ai compris que j’avais affaire à une vraie pro du métier : réactive et organisée, Blandine a su gérer chaque projet avec le sourire et un sens du contact qui lui servait à la fois auprès de ses clients et de ses collaborateurs. Ses fortes capacités de communication, tant en anglais qu’en français, et ses compétences techniques ont été de véritables atouts pour assurer la livraison d’une traduction impeccable et efficace à chaque fois. Je la recommande sans hésitation - et j’espère avoir bientôt l’occasion de retravailler avec elle ! (2020)

Subtitling of series and films

Thomas Chaumont (reviewer), lyuno Media Group

I have had the pleasure of working with Blandine on a subtitling project that we delivered successfully to the client despite a very tight deadline and high volume. Linguistically speaking, her work was flawless and creative. She was also a very positive presence in the group meetings and during the many discussions the translating team had about terminology, consistency, and general work organization. I was also in charge of evaluating her work earlier this year and I'm happy to say that she is one of the very best assets the company can benefit from. I'm looking forward to working more with her in the future! (2020)


Stéphane Meslif (directeur commercial), Bureau Veritas

L’an dernier, j'ai confié à Blandine plusieurs projets de traduction depuis l’anglais et l’allemand dans le secteur agroalimentaire. Dans le cadre de ces travaux, elle a toujours été très professionnelle : elle m’a régulièrement tenu informé de l’avancement des projets. La qualité et la réactivité de ses prestations sont exemplaires. J’espère vraiment avoir à nouveau l’opportunité de travailler avec Blandine. N’hésitez pas à la contacter pour toute proposition, car de surcroît, elle a des conditions intéressantes et un relationnel très agréable. (2020)

Subtitling (short film)

Samuel Miralles (réalisateur)

J’ai eu besoin de sous-titres anglais pour mon court-métrage d’animation incluant une voix-off française. En un temps record (car le temps manquait), Blandine a traduit et adapté le texte (…) de la voix-off originale (…). Le tout pour un prix modique. Un travail vraiment qualitatif ! Je recommande chaudement. (2018)

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